Tarot of the Sublime

In her new work, Tarot of the Sublime, the artist Keri Rosebraugh offers a unique and insightful, contemporary approach to the ancient form of the tarot. Rosebraugh collaborates with Rebecca Auman, an ordained interfaith minister, a corporate shaman and witch who has taught and studied the tarot for over 30 years. Auman uses tarot as a tool to help leaders develop intentions and move through stuck patterns to help discover enhanced creativity and leadership.


This project is an exquisite interpretation of the ancient wisdom of the tarot expertly crafted by a contemporary artist. It is sublime and ephemeral – a portal to access the temporary nature of things and to discover your magic. A visit into your subconscious.


In this collaboration, the artist and the shaman's intentions are to inspire connections with the earth and our alignment with nature encouraging communication with our surroundings while gaining insight into our stories-past, present and future. Each card is derived from the Theory of the Sublime: the meeting of the emotional and

natural world. Our true self.


Created in the 15th century, tarot cards hold ancient stories and symbolism that help us unlock the subconscious and delve deeper into the mysteries of our psyche. Rosebraugh and Auman offer a unique interpretation of the 22 Major Arcana (universal mysteries) to help us live into the questions. What do the curiosities and wonders of nature have to offer us? How do we interpret this ancient wisdom and remember our true nature? Join us to explore the mystery.


For a limited time only, Rosebraugh and Auman are offering a chance to discover your soul card. What is the card that unlocks the universal mysteries for you in this lifetime? Please select the link below and send a message including your name and your birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy). You will then receive a photo and a brief synopsis of your card and its meaning for you. In return, we request that you send a few lines about whether this resonates with you. High quality giclee prints of each card are also available for purchase. Sizes and prices on archival paper, unframed are:


10x14” - $120.00

15x21” - $200.00

20x28” - $300.00

30x42” - $400.00

Rosebraugh and Auman's goal is to present a live exhibition of the artwork coupled with the meanings behind each card and to continue creation of a complete deck.

The artist and shaman invite financial contributors to this project. Please send an email to thewitchtheshaman@gmail.com if interested.

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