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November 2019 Clatsup County Arts Summit/ Pop Up Exhibition in Gearhart, OR

This fall was spent in the french countryside at my studio, converting my old barn into a woodworking shop, which I am quite excited about. I left France at the beginning of the month and headed to the Oregon coast where I took part in speaking at the very first Clatsop County Arts Summit at the Seaside Convention Center. It is a newly renovated state-of-the-art facility and the summit was wonderful to be a part of: artists speaking to artists about the business of art. I met a lot of new friends whom I look forward to collaborating with in the future. My hope is that this summit will continue to grow each year as I feel it covers some essential marketing and business components and brings up pertinent questions that many artists have during the span of their careers. Here is a link to the related article:

I have a special connection to the Pacific Northwest, which I'm sure has to do with the fact that I grew up there. The people I come into contact with upon returning as an adult seem to have certain things in common: they tend to respect nature, and take note of the significance our natural environment plays in our existence. Maybe it's because they not only are surrounded by so much nature, but also they see how nature has a mind of its own. The strong rain and winds can kick our butts as can a herd of elk crossing the street if one steps too close.

I was fortunate to have a pop up exhibition at the Sweet Shop in Gearhart, Oregon the same week as speaking at the Arts Summit. The location right at the beach was perfect to share my body of work on water. Thanks to PR master Traci Williams, the show was a success and I was able to reunite with friends I had not seen in years. 

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