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Artist in Residence with The Rabbit Hole / Hermann Nitsch Museum

Last fall I had the honor of attending an artist residency in Naples, Italy. On September 21, 2021 “the Rabbit Hole” collective presented “The Art of Remembering”; in its first global residency program in collaboration with Fondazione Morra, Naples and E-M Arts.

I was 1 of 7 international applicants, and 3 local Neapolitan artists who were selected to spend 14 days at the artist residence of Fondazione Morra and Museum Hermann Nitsch, in the heart of Naples, unraveling the question “what if we stop remembering?”

Here is a link to my project, which was studying the memory of the water in and around Naples: the underground aquaducts, the sea water from the port of Naples, and the water from a nearby island named Procida. My process and results are documented on the following webpage as well as more information on the program, the directors, and the projects of the other 9 artists. It was a life changing experience to say the least.

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